Code of Conduct

Northern Beaches Dragon Boat Club


We respect each other: 

  • We always treat our fellow club members as we expect to be treated. We try our best to get on with everyone and enjoy each other’s company. We know that it is the people in our club that makes it so special.
  • We are always considerate, courteous and honest in our dealings with fellow club members and members of other teams regardless of their gender, age, ability, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin, fitness or paddling and race experience.
  • We respect the many different reasons why individual members join our club but we always act to put the needs of the club above our own. We each try to get as much as we can out of training, racing and club events but we are a team and the team comes first.
  • We respect the privacy of club members personal data and restrict the access and authority to access this information on a need-to-know basis.
  • We respect all people who have taken on positions of responsibility in the club. This includes the club committee, coaches and sweeps. They have been elected or selected to do a job, and they need our support to help build a successful club.
  • We respect the decisions made by our club committee and by members who have taken on specific club roles– be it seat position, training drills, paddling technique, racing technique, races entered, regattas attended or the like. We never complain, we always put the club first.
  • We are never argumentative, disruptive, back-stabbing or seek to undermine the club or anyone in it. If we have an issue we take it to a club committee member, the club president or to a club committee meeting. We respect the club committee decisions.

We abide by the rules:

  • We abide by the Northern Beaches Dragon Boat Club Constitution and this Code of Conduct.
  • We abide by the National Integrity Framework adopted by AusDBF and its policies for Membership Protection, Child Safeguarding, Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering, and Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine.
  • We abide by Local Council, State and Federal regulations, maritime rules and DBNSW and AusDBF race event rules. If in doubt we ask our coach, sweep or club official.

We train hard and race hard but we also have fun:

  • We take care of ourselves and our fellow members – we make sure that we are always safe both in and out of the boat.
  • When training we always follow the instructions of the coaches and the sweep. Their primary roles are to ensure the wellbeing and the safety of all paddlers.
  • We listen up and don’t talk while the coach or sweep is talking to us.
  • We follow the coach and sweep’s instructions.
  • We acknowledge that only the coach and sweep, or any paddler specifically nominated by the coach, should be calling instructions in the boat.
  • We put in as much effort as we individually can into every training session and every race.
  • We train hard and race hard and then we have fun as a club.

We all pitch in:

  • We acknowledge that our club runs on the volunteer efforts of our members. We all pitch in and help to the extent we are able – be it fundraising events, corporate events, volunteering for race days, taking on a club role, serving on the committee or training up to be a sweep or coach.
  • We all help to get our boats in and out of the water before and after training.

We all represent our club:

  • We are all ambassadors of the club - what we say and do both within the club and in the public is important.
  • We never make any detrimental statements in public, including any mass media, that will in anyway denigrate or bring into disrepute the sport, the organisations that run it, or any club member or any club official, of our, or any other dragon-boat club.
  • We never use information technology to make or post inappropriate images or comments about club members, other clubs, club officials, race officials or dragonboating organisations which may be viewed in any way as discriminatory, divisive, offensive or detrimental to our club or any club member.